Houston Property Managers – Tenant Screening and Retention

1. Be Respectful and Professional

This is where other property managers often make a mistake.  We are always polite and courteous to all of our tenants, but we are not their friends.  Being friends with your tenants is a bad idea and can result in a tenant who stops meeting their expectations under the lease.

Also, we respect the privacy and time of our tenants, by always providing ample notice before we enter the property for routine maintenance and repairs.  We also ensure that any contractor visiting one of our properties is properly licensed (if required) and insured.

2. Say Thank You

We thank our tenants constantly!

We thank them for choosing one of our managed properties.  We thank them for paying the rent.  We thank them for submitting a maintenance request.  We thank them for providing feedback.  We thank them for providing reviews.  We want our tenants to know they are valued and appreciated.

3. Answer The Phone

We return calls from ANYONE within 24 hours.  It doesn’t matter if you are an owner, tenant, or vendor – you are important!

4. Provide a Comprehensive Move-In Package

We provide our tenants with a complimentary move-in concierge service and a care package containing bottled water, paper towels, toilet paper, a fire extinguisher, our business cards, refrigerator magnets with our office and emergency numbers, instructions on how to access our online portal to pay their rent by ACH bank transfer or a credit card, instructions on how to change the air conditioning filter, and instructions on how to cut off the water and electricity to the property in the event of an emergency.

5. Make Things Convenient

Our software offers tenants the ability to pay the rent or submit a repair or maintenance request through the online portal on our website.  Also, the tenants can download an App to their phone that allows them to do the same no matter where they are.  Owners have access to the same App!

6. Be Responsive

Requests for maintenance and repairs are responded to in 24 hours with emergency requests being responded to in 12 hours or less.  Responding to the request lets the tenant know that we received it and are working to get someone to the property to address the issue as soon as we can.  Every situation is different and we can’t always get a vendor to the property the next day but by constantly communicating with the tenant, they know that we value them and are working to resolve the problem to their satisfaction.

7. Clearly Communicate What You Want

Contracts can be confusing.  We provide a Tenant Binder to our tenants that contains, among other things, a list of Tenant Responsibilities.  This removes any confusion.

8. Provide a Clean Property

This should go without saying.  It is our policy, that we will not manage a property where there is an unaddressed health or safety concern.  A clean, well-maintained property is much more likely to be returned in that condition when the tenant moves out.

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