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Pearland Eviction Attorney

At Strickland Law Firm, PLLC we hate bad tenants too and work to get them out! Evictions can be very unpleasant for landlords and often the reason that Owners choose to hire property managers.

Strickland Law Firm, PLLC is a Pearland Property Manager and a Pearland Eviction Attorney and offers low cost, flat-fee services to handle the different phases of the Eviction Process and get your property back to making money!

Pearland Eviction Process

The eviction process always begins with sending a Notice to Vacate to each tenant listed on the lease. This notice usually provides the tenant 3 days to vacate the property but can be longer depending on the situation. If the tenant does not leave then an eviction must be filed and prosecuted. A flowchart of the process has been provided to illustrate the process and is for information purposes only.

Eviction Notice and Keys

Pearland Eviction Forms

For informational and educational purposes only we have provided numerous eviction forms.  These forms are not guaranteed to be compliant with the requirements set forth under the Texas Property Code and are only provided for illustration, but include: Notices to Vacate, an Eviction Petition, a Termination Notice, a Notice of Abandonment, a Security Deposit Letter, Etc.

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