Houston Property Management – Free Eviction Service Included

Evicting Bad Tenants

Evictions are something we strive to avoid. They disrupt cash flow and reduce ROI.

For Owners who are property management clients, we handle all aspects of the eviction process in Justice Court up to and including the day of trial for FREE. The Owners merely have to pay the filing fees.

However, even the best tenants can experience things that will cause the rent to not be paid. While we sympathize with their circumstances, we are always polite and courteous in our consistent enforcement of the lease. Pay or leave, it’s that simple.

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Among the many benefits of having a LAW FIRM manage your property are:

1. Tenants will often notify us that they cannot pay the rent, break the lease and arrange to pay the fees, and peacefully leave the property out of FEAR of having a Law Firm immediately come after them.

2. Property Management clients get FREE EVICTIONS – the Owners merely have to pay the court costs and a legal messenger fee (approximately $40).


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