Houston Property Management – Online Access Portals

Owner Portal:

Our mobile portal allows owners to access the software from any computer or mobile device. Owners can access the following data and reports:

Monthly Itemized Statements

Owners can view monthly itemized profit and loss statements that show rent payments, cash flow payments to owners, and any maintenance or repair requests.

All Invoices and Receipts

Owners can view any receipt or invoice that has been paid concerning their property anytime. We do not charge a fee to manage maintenance and repairs, so you pay only what we pay.

Agreements with Tenants and Guarantors

Owners have access to contracts executed on their behalf such as lease agreements, lease addenda, guarantor agreements, security deposit agreements, key agreements, etc.

Tax Forms

We provide you with itemized reports to make your tax preparation easier, including a complete year-end statement and IRS Form 1099. Remember, management fees are tax-deductible!

House for rent

Tenant Portal:

Our mobile portal allows tenants to access the software from any computer or mobile device. Tenants can easily:

Pay Rent Online

Tenants can pay rent three (3) different ways. Tenants can arrange for a funds transfer from their bank account, set up recurring payments so the rent is never late, or even pay with a credit card !

View Statements

Tenants can view their payment history, any charges or refunds, and monitor to make sure that no incorrect fees have been charged to their account.

Streamline Maintenance Requests

Tenants can submit maintenance requests and upload photos directly from their phone or tablet. Tenants can see when an item’s been assigned to a repair person and view status updates until the item is completed.

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