Houston Property Management – Rental Inspections

Coordinating Inspections:

Inspections are a powerful tool to:

– Prevent damage to the rental property

– Protect your investment and cash flow

– Monitor the tenant to make sure they are meeting their obligations under the lease

– Make sure that your property manager is doing their job

We NEVER UP-CHARGE our clients for inspections, maintenance, or repairs. You pay what we pay. We negotiate reduced rates with vendors based on work volume and pass that savings on to our clients.

Sometimes tenants will have an unauthorized pet, a person living in the property who did not submit an application or sign the lease, or a maintenance issue in need of repair. In extremely rare cases, tenants may be damaging the property or engaging in unacceptable behavior. Most of the time, an inspection will simply reveal a minor maintenance issue, or no issues at all.

Regardless, conducting periodic visual inspections of the property is one of the best ways to discover possible lease violations and maintenance issues before they become major problems and gain the PEACE OF MIND that only comes from seeing the condition of the property yourself.

At Strickland Law Firm, PLLC we ONLY use third-party vendors who employ experienced and qualified inspectors who report on the condition of the property with trained eyes. These reports are an assessment of the visual condition of the property and do not include the inspection of the mechanicals of the property, plumbing, electrical, sewer, roof or foundation. However, these visual inspection reports are usually over 30 pages long and contain 100 – 200 photos of the inside and outside of the property.

See a Sample Inspection Report below.

Clients appreciate that Strickland Law Firm, PLLC uses a third-party vendor to report on the condition of the property because it allows them to see for themselves that repairs are being made timely. Typically, clients will want the property inspected at the third month of the lease and at the ninth month of the lease, right before the offers for lease renewal are sent out.

However, our clients have complete control over how often their property is inspected. We prepare a customized maintenance schedule for each client according to the property features and the client’s preferences.

See a Sample Maintenance Schedule below

While it can’t replace a third-party inspection, we encourage all Owners to review our “Owner’s Rent Ready Checklist” to help Owners ensure their property is ready to be rented. This helps us with FAST property leasing.

See our Owner’s Rent Ready Checklist below